The British Royal Family Disappointed at the Latest Documentary’s Unsupported Claims

After the first part of “The Princes and the Press” aired on the U.K. television on 22nd November Monday night, the British Royal Family has accused BBC of giving credibility to the unfounded claims in this latest documentary, which sheds light on the relationship between media and the younger generation of Windsors.

This new documentary named “The Princes and the Press” explores how the media has worked to treat the younger royal couples; Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Duke and Duchess of Sussex; Prince Harry and Meghan Markel and inequalities in press coverage among the two.

The 3 royal families; Kensington Palace, Clarence House, and Buckingham Palace have said that 2 part series documentary is very disappointing to them and this is not what they expected as they have condemned the BBC for providing credibility to the notion that the other members of the royal family disclosed damaging information related to the Sussexes to the press over the years.

A statement was given at the end of the broadcast on Monday which read ” To have a strong democracy, a free, reliable, and open press should exist, but more often unsupported claims from unknown sources are shown as facts and this is even more disappointing when a news organization like BBC gives them credibility”.

A media editor of BBC Anmol Rajan invested a great amount of time to set together interviews for making the documentary involving a lot of talking with journalists as well as private investigators.

His work in the documentary provides some scenes that show some of the inappropriate and in some conditions disturbing internal operations that have been remained concealed from the public.

The journalists who were interviewed say that the Royal Families provide the access to news outlets that ensure respectful coverage.

“The Windsor understanding is that the royals reside in a palace and as long as they allow access and a constant supply of stories and photos, they should get positive coverage assisting them in rebuilding their emotional engagement with the people,” Rajan says to the audience. “However that approval only goes ahead if the participants adhere to each other’s rules. And now the question arises: ‘will Princess Diana’s children want to play that play?”

The 1st episode includes the events regarding Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 up to the 2018 Sussexes marriage. In the beginning, the media showed excitement about the young royal children, but as time passes it started to go against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the situation came this far that reports on the two grew frequently discriminatory and misogynistic in a way that was never an issue for the Cambridges.

This documentary also explores some illicit activities such as hacking as well as wiretapping which put the press at a very difficult time in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and how these actions were taken to target the members of the Royal Family.

There is also information included in the first episode that explains some of the conflicts among the royal households and how quickly the Royal Family’s members turn against each other. There are many interviewees in the documentary who say how much ready the different families are to expose critical information to the press.

Richard Palmer of the Daily Express states in the documentary; “I think that at many times, the royal palace is a nest of vipers and it is sure that there is always a backbiting going on.’


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