Does Banning People do any good in improving the situation?

Effects of the Pandemic

Corona, a situation that caused the pandemic and has widely affected the world needs special attention from all the countries. It originated in China and everyone is aware of the fact that the whole world was affected immensely making the economy go down and the pace of the international market also was decreased. Coming out of such a situation there were various measures taken by each country to stop the spread of such virus which was spreading making the air as its medium. This made people stand at 6 ft. distance and washing hands became a mandate for everyone. Mask has become the essentiality. While the world was trying to overcome the impacts of Corona and such situation, when the world was preparing itself for a normal living just then the news came that the Coronavirus has a new version which started spreading from the UK for that reason many countries had banned the travelers from the UK to enter their countries. This has not just created a problem for the residents that their relatives are no able to meet moreover the business has seen a setback as many meetings got canceled. However, there is another way of dealing with this which is that the countries that have banned UK travelers must quarantine themselves in hotels or else will be punished.

Quarantine a solution to the problem

Anyone traveling from one country to another or from one place to another is requested to be quarantined. The basis of such a decision is that the virus stays in the body or on the surface for 14 days and after that, it cannot spread making the person and the nearby people safe from the condition of getting affected by Corona.

Certainly, there are various situations where the quarantine rule is not followed and as a result increase in the number of infected people is observed. For that matter, it has now become a rule by every government to make it compulsory for the people to get quarantined irrespective of their body temperature or the factors that depict the possibility of the virus in them.

Since people do not take it seriously, some punishments and fines are imposed on people who violate such a law. In the UK, the new version of the corona that was seen has also made it difficult for people to travel to and from the UK to other parts of the world. And as a matter of fact, various countries have even banned travelers from the UK to enter their country. This condition is unavoidable. However, the countries that have banned travelers from the UK have also seen its repercussions that various people from the countries that have banned UK travelers must quarantine themselves in hotels or else will be punished.


The mutation of the virus has now become another problem-posing a greater impact on the upcoming days majorly on the economic growth of every country as there is no tourism which tends to be a major source of foreign currency impacting the economy. The international market has also seen a setback and is trying its way out of such a problem. The mutation of the coronavirus and its new version that is found in the UK is said to be persistent even after the vaccine and by this news every individual is worried. This has led to some actions keeping the people distant from each other. Even though many countries have worked towards the vaccine still there unnoticed effects of it and not every person can be vaccinated this fast. These reasons make the Pandemic even worse in countries like the UK and make quarantine the best solution.

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